Diffusers, which type to buy


Inhaling certain fragrances and aromas often invoke good memories. Take a whiff of some roses and remember your grandma’s flower garden. Inhale the scent of pine combined with cinnamon and cloves and think of Christmases long ago. Using a diffuser for essential oils, you can have those same fragrances—and memories in your home or office.

Are humidifiers and diffusers the same thing? That question can be answered in just one word—no. Humidifiers have been on the market for many years and are often associated with the need for adding to moisture to a house during the winter months when the heat is being used.  Likewise, humidifiers are used in houses in dry, arid climates. Often, individuals think a diffuser and a humidifier are the same. However, they are not!

Humidifiers, often referred to as vaporizers, simply add moisture to a room.  Diffusers offer the added benefits of fragrance and aromatherapy by dispersing pure essential oils along with water. Depending on the essential oil added to the water before diffusing, the entire atmosphere of a home can be altered.

Diffusers come in a variety of materials and can add to the décor of the home or office. Select from wood, plastic, glass, and ceramic diffusers on the market today. Additionally, various features are available such as lights, timer, automatic shut off, and diffuser type.

The soft light from a diffuser can be a soothing night light or add to the aura of an office. However, there are times when no light is desired. The light features range from always on, rotating, and always off. Just select the one that meets you needs.

The automatic shut off will turn the diffuser off if the water level gets low or is empty. This removes the question in your mind about extinguishing a candle or turning off a warmer.  Along with the automatic shut off, timers are often available. The diffuser can turn on and off as desired to conserve essential oils.

Varying sizes and water capacities dictate the size of the area that a diffuser will cover. A larger capacity would provide fragrance for an entire office or home while a smaller capacity would be useful in just one room or smaller area. The size and water capacity also dictate the time that a diffuser will run before shut off.

Diffuser are available in two different types.  There are nebulizing and ultrasonic.  Ultrasonic diffusers disperse a fine mist of pure essential oil. Of course, they emit a stronger fragrance and more powerful therapeutic benefits; however, they are more expensive to operate because their mist is pure essential oil.

The ultrasonic diffuser emits a fine mist of cold water combined with droplets of essential oil. They infuse moisture into the air as well as oils with therapeutic benefits and fragrance.


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