Rustic furniture

Rustic furniture

Rustic furniture

Bamboo is also rustic, so why not feature some rustic furniture on this blog! Rustic decor and furniture has an earthy charm about it, the distressed look of the wood and the antique looking designs. If you are thinking of renovating or remodelling your home, then consider some of these items for a rustic feel and look. A living room that has a rustic decor theme will need a nice rustic dining table that can seat 4 to 8 people. The dining table can be in vintage brown color wood or an off white color, possibly light grey for the rustic effect.

You can theme the whole of a house in a rustic style, rustic bedroom furniture that looks and feels like alog cabin is very popular at present. Rustic bedroom furniture can include bed frames, bedside table, drawers, dresser and cupboard, plus lighting, flooring and rugs for the floor.

The living room has the most scope for rustic decor, rustic coffee tables, rustic end tables, rustic sideboards, wooden or bamboo flooring, plus rustic lamps and chandeliers to complete the look. The walls can either be painted in earthy natural shades or left if you have stone work or brick work, a combination of the two will look really good.

Here is my list of favorite rustic furniture ideas for your home

  • Yarn-wrapped lighting
  • Broom handle seating
  • Rusty iron furniture
  • Minimalistic rustic seats
  • Post war vintage furniture
  • Shipping material seating
  • Timber chairs
  • Ale cask furniture
  • Rustic gamer tables
  • Furniture made from musical instruments
  • Benches made from car scrap
  • Vintage looking 6’s wooden chairs
  • Wooden cask seating
  • Stone age inspired furniture
  • Modular clamp tables
  • Reclaimed wood furniture
  • Refurbished vintage furniture
  • Contemporary classic furniture
  • Faux lace tablecloths
  • Wine barrel tables
  • Tree trunk seating
  • Wicker furniture
  • Vintage leather furniture
  • Recycled rustic furniture
  • Distorted wooden tables
  • Space age rustic seating
  • Recycled wooden fixtures
  • Ottoman embedded tables

Here is a video of the best rustic furniture you can buy and make today!


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